Wednesday 5 March 2014

Small Demons

Small Demons is such a clever idea:

Select a book. Start with one you love or one that looks interesting. From there, it’s all about discovering everywhere it can take you.  
Take your pick of thousands of authors, actors, musicians, historical figures, gangsters, heroes and villains, fictional and real. In every book, behind every name, there’s a story. This is where you’ll find it. 
In stories, fictional places become real and real places take on new meaning. Want to see exactly where the action takes place? What books share the same setting? This is the path that gets you there. 
Every thing placed into a book is there because it means something. A song. An album. A movie. Fashion. Food. Cocktails. Cars. Here is where you begin to discover what they can also mean to you.

Basically, any popculture reference to a film or song, any restaurant, type of food, car or location mentioned in a book is connected to every other reference to it in any other novel ever written. You can hop between all of these references, their books, and the places you can purchase the items, or visit the restaurants. It's very entertaining, and more than a little addictive.

It's currently a little limited at the moment, but they are working on tools to increase public content contribution. Worth watching for the future.

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