Wednesday 26 March 2014

Book Depository

Ooooh, I am so annoyed with myself. It's been over four months since I bought anything through Amazon, due to their crap treatment of employees and their tax avoidance.

Thought I'd got it down to a fine art. Once I find the books I want, I follow through to the seller's page rather than their Amazon listing, then buy direct from the supplier. Better for bookshops, as they get the full price without Amazon taking their cut.

Yesterday, I did this with Book Depository after searching for bookshops locally to buy from.

I was well chuffed at first, as Amazon have done away with their free delivery on orders under £10, but Book Depository are still free, so I was saving myself some cash.

Amazon Price
Book Depository Price

Shopping locally and saving money, what's not to like?

It all seemed a little too easy, and this creeping sense of doubt took hold. So I googled Book Depository, only to find... they're owned by Amazon.

How crap is that? I knew about ABE and Waterstones, but not this. 

I knew a guy in South Australia years ago who owned two travel agencies right opposite each other. He was a complete arse, taking great delight in being rude to customers, then watching them storm out in righteous indignation only to spend their money in his other shop over the road, thinking they were taking their business elsewhere.

It's a minefield out there, and businesses really ought to be forced to display their chain holdings so that consumers can make more informed decisions.

Won't be making that mistake again, but will, reluctantly (and in line with my self-imposed rules) be stocking up my Kindle ahead of the great getaway.

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