Saturday 6 July 2013


Oh, gosh. Remember when you recorded something rather embarrassing and forgot about it, then someone reminded you? 

Yeah. That.

I used to have a section on my website for music, especially tin whistles. I took it down a while back, though most of it's still on YouTube. I don't play that much any more. Then, two days ago, I received this really sweet comment out of the blue:

Wow I was really impressed with your playing. I just started watching your video because your name is Woolley, (I am a Woolley also), but I stayed because of flute playing. Great job!

Ever so kind, thank you.

May get back to it as it's a wonderful way to relax. For now, here's my fumbled attempts at Sliabh Geal gCua, Inisheer, Diana's Hunting Call & Samhain Song (improvised tootles), and, err, playing a drainpipe. I've since discovered that wasn't piper's hold at all. Piper's hold is far more uncomfortable.

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