Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Fiction Doctor

The lovely Paul Magrs, blogger of Life on Magrs, creator of the Doctor Who spin-off Iris Wildthyme (and, of course, Art Critic Panda), and, more recently, author of an open letter that had many writers standing to applaud, has turned his hand to mentoring.

In his mission statement, he writes:
Only you can write your stories. There's no one else can make them up, or remember them, or tell them like you can. No one can do it for you. But sometimes life gets in the way and formal education lets you down and experience takes away your confidence to write the way you would like to.

I think anyone can be tutored in developing their voice and creating work they can be proud of. The rules aren't the same for everyone, and much of writing is about learning which rules to break. It's a huge challenge - trying to write something that other people will want to read. But through constructive criticism and feedback I can help people to get there.

You can find him on his Facebook page, or drop him a line via Twitter or his blog.

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