Friday 7 June 2013

Performance Poetry

The benefits of Twitter for sharing interests cannot be underestimated. Discovered this phenomenal performance poet the other day, thanks to an RT. Hollie McNish is absolutely stunning in her delivery and her choice of themes. She's a member of a project called Point Blank Poets, which you can find on Facebook and Twitter.

Another poet I tripped over on YouTube was Doubting Thomas. Working in the Charity Sector, but also hating street collection culture and the mechanics of capitalism, I found this one fairly uncomfortable. Which is why I think it's good. Love it, hate it - think about it. Good art should be edgy. Some strong language, excellent delivery.

Finally, ending on something else good art should be - distastefully entertaining - it was my huge privilege to see the following performed a couple of years back by How to Write Badly Well blogger, and co-author of Who Writes This Crap, Joel Stickley. Haven't stopped chuckling since.

Many performance poets do the festival rounds over the summer, and can be found at local open mics in cosy pubs throughout the winter. Show your support and go and watch them. An injection of introspection for the brain.

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