Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Appeal for Jean


Hi everybody. A little appeal for my friend Jean Claude Muhire, who is a very talented writer and human rights activist. One of his tales appeared in Versus, the collection of stories by Rwandan authors. 

Unfortunately, he suffered kidney failure and has had to go to Cairo for a transplant. It took a long time for him to get permission to go and the delay meant that some of the money for his time there was used keeping him alive in Rwanda. Thankfully, he's now had the operation and it has been a success, but he's looking for a little help to cover the rest of his medical bills and care before flying home. Anything you can spare would be very much appreciated.


Donation Page Here 


 Me & Jean in 2015


Thank you to everyone who donated. Jean is recovering and doing well, as is his girlfriend, Marie, who donated her kidney. You can read all about it on his Twitter feed.

[UPDATE 2022: Jean is fully recovered and he and Marie are now married and doing great.] 

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