Tuesday 23 June 2020

Relentless Minds

Jeanne Celestine Lakin

Shout out to this podcast. I work with survivors' organisations in Rwanda and this was in our monthly newsletter. If you'd like to receive more news, you can sign up here.

Relentless Minds is a podcast, produced in the United States, which has recently released several interviews with survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi that occurred in Rwanda in 1994.
The following episodes address the unspeakable tragedies that these survivors experienced along with their own personal message to the world. Their messages highlight the human spirit and its ability to overcome tragedy:
Jacqueline Murekatete - An attorney, a human rights activist and the founder of Genocide Survivors Foundation, a partner organisation of Survivors Fund (SURF).

Liliane Pari Umuhoza - Founder of the Women Genocide Survivor’s Retreat which serves to provide psychological support to women survivors of genocide in Rwanda, and trustee of Survivors Fund (SURF).

Jeanne Celestine Lakin - Founder of One Million Orphans, a non-profit with the mission to help orphans around the world to receive resources they lack, and a shot at a better future.

Consolee Nishimwe A committed speaker on the genocide, a defender of women rights and an advocate for other genocide survivors.

Placide Magambo - A journalist seeking to help his community through the power of journalism.

The Relentless Minds podcast was created in 2019 in an effort to inspire people to fight for the change they desire to see in their lives and in the world. Through this platform the aim is to spread awareness of social and global issues, create a sense of community, and move people into action, with the ultimate goal to inspire a united movement for change all around the world.

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