Wednesday 24 June 2020

Call for Book Bloggers

I'm teaming up with Rachel's Random Resources to give my novel, Secure the Shadow, a little celebratory send off in early August. There's still a few spaces for book reviewers, so if you run a book blog and you're interested in receiving a copy, doing an interview or have room for a guest post, please get in touch with Rachel. You can read more about the book here on her website.

In 1824, a young man buttons up his redcoat and goes to war. Amidst the blood and devastation, he discovers a magical power which can save memory from the ravages of time.

1867 and a woman, living above a watch shop, meets two men who will change her life forever. As she ventures further into a world of séance and mysticism, she must decide whether to trust her own eyes.

In the present day, a rebellious artist finds herself photographing stillbirths for a living. At Little Angels, it’s not about what you can take from a picture, but what you can give.

The story of three lives, spanning the history of photography and our relationship with mortality.

Secure the shadow, ere the substance fades. 

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