Thursday, 30 January 2020

Will Save the Galaxy for Food

There is no other reason than sheer serendipity that this should be the next book I finished after the last post on bat soup.

As mentioned before, I rarely read several books by the same author, but I have really fallen for Yahtzee Croshaw. I picked up Differently Morphous in an Audible sale a while back and have since started working my way through the rest. He's literary junk food - exactly what you need some days. 

... day broke on the planet below. An orange crescent slashed brilliantly across the blackness and the sleeping world was gradually unveiled, the rising sunlight spreading like glittering marmalade across the toast of God.

I'm starting to see a few character archetypes: the disgruntled yoof, the dry-witted reluctant hero, the smart, efficient female character who never goes so far as to become a love interest. They crop up in each, although this one doesn't have a super villain. A villain, yes, but as Megamind would say, not a super villain. He doesn't have a cape.

I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it as I'm not much of a space fan. I like Star Trek, Firefly and all that, but it's not my genre of choice. Croshaw's got a real way of pulling you straight in, though. His plots are always very neatly tied together, even if the chapters themselves revel in chaos. 

This was just as good as the rest and I've zoomed straight on to the sequel, Will Destroy the Galaxy for Cash

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