Wednesday 27 March 2019

Differently Morphous

I am an absolute fan of this. 

Picked it up in my Black Friday Audible haul. Wasn't at all certain what it was, but I liked the cover. Completely loved it. 

A magical serial killer is on the loose, and gelatinous, otherworldly creatures are infesting the English countryside. Which is making life for the Ministry of Occultism difficult, because magic is supposed to be their best kept secret.

After centuries in the shadows, the Ministry is forced to unmask, exposing the country's magical history - and magical citizens - to a brave new world of social media, government scrutiny, and public relations.

On the trail of the killer are the Ministry's top agents: a junior operative with a photographic memory (and not much else), a couple of overgrown schoolboys with godlike powers, and a demonstrably insane magician.

But as they struggle for results, their superiors at HQ must face the greatest threat the Ministry has ever known: the forces of political correctness...

Highly reminiscent of Vampire State of Mind in that it involves extremely unusual beings trying to navigate their way through government bureaucracy and placate the media's thirst for sensationalism, all whilst saving the world.

Just very quirkily written and very well produced, with sound effects and voice distortion. There's an excellent twist towards the end and Doctor Diablerie is just utterly delightful - sales of glitter will double.

And, who knew? Marmite is harvested from the tear ducts of chimney sweeps.

Very much looking forward to the next instalment.

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