Tuesday 16 April 2019

Amazon's Non-existent Contact Process

[UPDATE: Impressively, someone from Amazon customer services e-mailed me with a direct e-mail address. So, if, like me, you've been going round in circles trying to contact KDP, use this:   kdp-support@amazon.com ]

I know I have a go at Amazon quite a bit, but they really deserve it sometimes. 

Needed help with a problem on KDP. Logged in, clicked Help.

Scrolled down and clicked Contact Us. 

Which, instead of taking you to a contact form, takes you to a Q&A page. You also get there by Googling Contact KDP. It's the top search result: Contact Us - Amazon KDP, so it's rather disappointing to get the blank Q&A instead of actual contact details.

None of the answers were relevant to my needs, but by clicking enough of them, I eventually got this question:

No, of course it didn't. But telling it no just takes you to a feedback box.

Like me, you might have noticed the contact us link. Having exhausted all other options, you'd think it might just take you to a contact form. Instead...


Straight back to the Q&A.

Utterly, utterly useless.

Thanks Amazon.

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