Thursday, 1 February 2018

This Could be Such a Beautiful World...

Was raiding the secondhand book bin at CasaKeza yesterday and came across this little gem. Written by a lady called Rosalind Welcher, who appears to have had an illustrious writing career. Full of lovely little doodles accompanying a charming piece about how we could make this world a little better by protecting the environment and being lovely to one another. 

We are using up the earth as if there were no tomorrow; and in fact if we do not do something about this fast, there may actually be no tomorrow. In this gentle essay on what might have been and what might yet be, Rosalind Welcher reminds us that time is running out.

No publishing info on the verso, just a small pen-written note inside the dust cover reading: Pamela E. Beard (possibly?) 12.9.75. On sale for 45p in the UK. Bought in Rwanda 43 years later for £2.50.

It smells deliciously aged. 


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