Sunday, 18 February 2018

The BBC Needs Proofing

I appreciate today's connected world, but along with 24-hour rolling news and the desperate search for continual content, comes an extreme slip in the quality of presentation. The British paper The Guardian once earned itself the nickname The Grauniad for its frequent typos and spelling errors. Back then, people noticed when their news was poorly proofed. Now it seems to be so standard we just accept it. And perhaps it wouldn't be so noticeable if the BBC wasn't the only news outlet in the UK to benefit from a license fee, with television viewers earning it £3.7billion a year. They also sell advertising so that people viewing their website from outside the UK see adverts. Which raises the question: can they not afford a proofreader?

It seems every second article nowadays has a really obvious mistake. Here's a handful from the past few months:

fifth woman


was a simply a folly of youth

comes to feminism +
would close the clause nicely


up to 1ft


that deals that would be

In addition to


not undergone gender reassignment

Thomas's life

Today, one article had the same photo and caption in two separate places.

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