Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Arse Biscuits


Just done something monumentally stupid. Got a new laptop. The old one had some issues and crashed a couple of times, so I was saving my novel to an external hard drive. 

Of course, when I decided to transfer all of my files over from the old laptop to the new, I forgot this - deleted everything on the hard drive and transferred the old laptop files wholesale. 

I've tried every data recovery trick but can't get back the 4,000 words I'd written. Thankfully that's not a lot, but it was - from my perspective at lease - some of the best stuff I'd written. 

Now I can't entirely remember why it was so good or what it was about. Just going to crawl into a dark hole for a while. 

Trying to work out how to get my writing mojo back and start that bit again.

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