Sunday, 26 March 2017

Greg Trooper

Carrying on from yesterday's post about Poet's Corner, a little more sad news.

My friend Suki is currently in New York for a celebration of the life and music of Greg Trooper (website/Wiki). As much as Poet's Corner was a part of our lives, so was Greg Trooper. Suki was a fan and friend, and dragged us along to see him play The Musician in Leicester. We all became firm fans.

Very sadly, he died of cancer on 15th January, two days after his sixty-first birthday.

All of his songs were wonderful, but my top ten are probably:

  1. Lovin' Never Came That Easy (Straight Down Rain)
  2. This I'd Do (Backshop Live and Live at the Rock Room, recorded Make It Through This World)
  3. I'm So French (Between a House and a Hard Place)
  4. Every Heart Won't Let You Down (Popular Demons) 
  5. Lucky That Way (Floating)
  6. When I Close My Eyes (Popular Demons)
  7.  Hummingbird (Floating) 
  8. Once and For All (Between a House and a Hard Place)
  9. Halfway (Between a House and a Hard Place)
  10. Dream Away The Blues (live version Backshop Live, recorded Make It Through This World)
You can find his albums on iTunes. The Backshop Live is my favourite. Really great live album, as is Between a House and a Hard Place. I can't seem to see it on iTunes at the moment, but if you can get hold of a copy it's excellent. There's also his fnal album, Live At The Rock Room, which I haven't heard yet, and there's a great live set uploaded on YouTube - Good Luck Heart.

Please buy his music, keep it alive.

About six years ago I took a trip back to Cardiff to catch up with some of the old gang. Caught up with a wonderfully pregnant Suki and a slightly less-hairy-than-before Gedge. It coincided with a Trooper concert. Suki couldn't go because of baby commitments, but I took dad along and Greg was good enough to sign a baby romper for the new arrival. Gone far too soon, but left some wonderful music behind, and a lovely message to all us artists trying to scrape a living.

Cardiff Crew

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  1. What an amazin concert in Leicester. Converted me instantly to a GT fan. Have been following his struggle via his web site. So sad. Can I add "Call Me Hank", "We've Still Got Time,"Could Have Been You " and "Second Wind"