Friday, 14 October 2016


After being adopted by my feral, I thought my job here was done, but I've just had kittens.

I've started a Kinyarwanda course twice a week. Went to the second session on Wednesday and, halfway through, the manager of the venue walked in with a sack of kittens. Someone had dumped them on the road outside. 

I have plenty of space, and cat food, so I offered to take them in.

It's turned into a full-time job. They're very little, about three weeks old. There's four in total. Two larger ones who have already got the hang of self-service and are happy to eat mushed up solids. Two smaller ones, one of which is happy to follow the others' example but still likes a little milk.

I did a mad dash across town early yesterday morning to collect a donation of kitten formula from a very kind expat. She also gave me a feeding syringe. Then received an offer of a hot water bottle from WAG, an organisation doing fantastic work with abandoned animals in Rwanda. I only just found out about them.

I'm going to rear them until they're old enough for rehoming, then try my best to pass them on in pairs. The littlest one is really noisy. He wouldn't stop crying out for the first twenty-four hours, but he's starting to settle. 

Today was a good day. We sat on the porch whilst the house was being cleaned and they all started playing, which I take as a good sign. There were a couple with gammy eyes yesterday. I washed them out and they're all open today. 

First time I've raised abandoned kittens so it's a massive learning curve. Thankfully, I have loads of friends who have done it before and have been offering great advice. I'm completely knackered though. Not much writing going on. I've never washed so many clothes, cloths and blankets in my life. Kitten formula stinks to high heaven, and I have Felix down my bra (chicken flavour, I think...).

Just so relieved they're all so active and eating. Fingers crossed for a happy ending for this little lot.

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