Sunday 2 October 2016

Iwacu Open Jam

Each Sunday I've started going along to the Iwacu Open Jam session in Kagugu. Don't think I'll make it today as it's been raining since sun-up. The wet season has definitely arrived. Some spectacular thunder and lightning.

Thought I'd share the above picture of me performing A Man You Don't Meet Every Day last week. Look how close I'm getting to that fire - without falling in


One nice thing about the rain is that I can practise singing without feeling self-conscious. Houses in warm climates don't tend to be well soundproofed. Lots of ventilation bricks. At least when it's wet nobody can hear anything over the sound of the rain. I'm desperate to crack Stretched On Your Grave since Peaky Blinders. Such a good song.

I have a strong voice, but not a particularly flexible one. I find it helps to learn a song by singing along to it using headphones and Audacity. It's easier to sing along to a song than try to sing it by yourself to begin with, so this allows you to get a clean recording of you singing the song relatively well, then you can use your own voice to learn from. I find it helps identify your vocal comfort zone a little easier.

Would really love some more recommendations for slow or easy songs along those lines. Something that can be sung without accompaniment. Please drop any suggestions below.

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