Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Sherborne Cinema

Had a wonderful day yesterday with my friend Pat in Gloucester. Years ago, I used to manage a theatre in the area. We caught up on times past, and took a walk down the road to meet Pat's friend Mark, who is an avid cinema enthusiast, to the point he has opened one of his own. I was completely smitten. The building is decked out 1930s-style, complete with retro ticket machine and snack kiosk. It seats about 140 - cash on the door, no booking. 

It's a beautiful little place, very atmospheric and intimate. Best of all, you can watch modern blockbusters at prices not seen in cinemas for decades. Usually you need to take out a second mortgage to visit Cineworld or Vue, but at Sherborne you can still get a pot of popcorn for a quid, tickets start from £3.50, and tea comes in a proper mug. You can even sit where you like.

If you're local to Gloucester, or a cinema enthusiast, you really must check it out. There's the Sherborne Cinema website, Twitter feed and Facebook Page for what's on.

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