Thursday 7 May 2015

Ikirezi Bookshop

Just got back from Ikirezi Bookshop in Kigali. It's not far from my house in Kacyiru. For those who know the area, head down Embassy Row from Top Tower and swing a left opposite Great Wall Chinese (KG 692). Follow the road round to the right (KG 5) and you'll see a tall, reflective-glass building immediately on your left. The downstairs is the Spark office, upstairs is the bookshop and café. 

It's gorgeous in there. Apparently they've been in business since 1998, previously based next to the Belgian School. This feels ultra-modern, and the view from the café is gorgeous. Nice place to sit and work, or read, over a coffee.

Really worth visiting. They have a wide selection of books in English, French and some Kinyarwanda, fiction, non-fiction and a great children's section. It's dangerous for me to walk into bookshops like this, as I leave with no money.

They've also got an outlet in Goma, and a really excellent attitude which reminds me of Isaro Foundation:

The Company was started due to a significant lack of bookshops... Join us to promote the reading culture in the great lakes region

I popped in there with a sample of Rosy Hours, and it seemed to pass the test. Fingers crossed they're going to order a few copies and hopefully we'll organise a signing. Watch this space...

You can find them online, e-mail at or call +250.788560358.

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