Wednesday 18 March 2015


I'm so feeling the love today.

Unexpected rockin' review from my writer's crush of the month, RG.

Find the full review on Goodreads, and Remittance Girl on her website and Twitter.

As I said before, it's an incredibly lovely feeling to impress someone who impresses you.

Started a wee Twitter flurry that's left me breathless.

Honestly, I'm blown away.

I'm at a juncture at the moment. Trying to decide whether to return to the UK to focus more on friends and writing. Hammering away at the next novel, which is about Iron Age Ireland. It's making me nostalgic for standing stones and sweeping glens. I miss being able to go out for a walk and actually walk, rather than being chased for money or reminded I'm muzungu. My heart is calling me home. 

I haven't completely made up my mind yet, but it's looking likely. It's taken me a year away but I'm starting to come to the conclusion that I need to focus on what I really enjoy, and what I appear to be good at (or getting good at). 

I know you shouldn't only listen to the praise, but, y'know what, once in a while it doesn't hurt. Right now, I'm extremely happy to hear it, especially from such talented people.

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