Monday, 2 March 2015

Congo Nile Trail

Had a truly lovely day today. Headed up to Gisenyi for the weekend with my friends Jo and Fidens, who run Rwandan Adventures, a bicycle and hiking company. Whilst Fidens took a client on tour, Jo and I decided to have a go at walking part of the Congo Nile Trail. This is a walk that stretches all the way from Gisenyi in the far north, all the way down to Cyangugu in the far south. It runs along the watershed of the Congo and Nile rivers.

Fish Farm

Cows & Washing

Kivu, one of the World's Three Exploding Lakes

Coffee Drying in the Sun

Coffee Washing Station
(Panoramic - click to enlarge)

When we got too tired, we rested beneath bamboo on the lakeshore, talked with the locals, and waited for Jo's sister-in-law Dianna to arrive with the boat to take us back to base. 

Rwandan Waters, Looking Towards Goma, DRC.

Dianna & Jo
Seafaring Selfie

Our Little Yellow Rescue Boat

It was a lovely day. We set off around 8am and got home at 2:30, thoroughly knackered. Hoping to do a bit more walking in the future. It's always nice to get out of Kigali, and I could certainly do with the exercise.

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