Friday 4 February 2022

American Dialect Quiz

Hi guys. I've really been playing around with YouTube a lot more lately and writing fewer blog posts. Now suffering anxiety over whether people are put off by seeing authors in person or not. My books are all mysterious and poetic - and I'm a totally open book. I feel like I fall a little short of my author persona. But, on the other hand, I really do enjoy making videos... soooo.... 

Anyway, I went and did a video of the New York Times British-Irish Dialect Quiz. It was only after I finished, that I realised I had already done a version of this here on the blog back in 2019. And the strange thing is that the results were more accurate back then!

Weird. But then I decided to follow it up by taking the American Dialect Quiz to see where the closest match to my British accent is in the US. Place y'alls bets...

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