Wednesday 4 August 2021

Wunderkammer der Kulturgeschichte


My friend, author and academic Leif Inselmann, who is helping me with all things Mesopotemian in my Sargon novel, has just started a very cool blog: Wunderkammer der Kulturgeschichte (The Chamber of Historical Cultural Curiosities). 

It is in German, but you can easily run posts through Google Translate.

As he explains in his opening post:

Was humanity really visited by aliens in the distant past? What forms the core of old myths and legends? And what misconceptions do we develop when we learn about history?

Mankind’s past is a cabinet of curiosities: puzzling myths and legends where the truth is hard to distinguish, archaeological finds that can’t be easily understood... history has always been a reflective surface for the ideas of later generations: from the Sumerian King List to ancient aliens, humans have transfigured, reinterpreted and distorted the past. 

His blog aims to explore curiosities in the fields of history, archeology, and mythology, to explore discorse in academic research around these topics, and review literature. If you're into all things fortean, check it out.

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