Wednesday 11 August 2021

Bet Tuppi's New Writing Challenge

Good morning. 

Earlier this year I won the innaugeral Bet Tuppi's Ancient Near Eastern Historical Fiction competition. I've just received a message saying that they're going to be running more regular competitions. Here's the info for anyone who would like to enter:

Bet Tuppi's New Writing Challenge

Following the success of our inaugural Ancient Near Eastern Historical Fiction competition (the shortlisted and winning entries can be found here: the team at Bet Tuppi Press wanted to create a more regular format.

Every fortnight we will challenge you with a theme/person/topic/artefact to base your story on and all you need to do is use your imagination to come up with some fantastic ideas.

Entry is free (just post your stories in our Reddit thread).

Two winners will be chosen: 'The Community Favourite' and 'The Judges' Favourite'. Both will receive a £5 prize!

'The Community Favourite' will be the story that receives the highest net 'upvotes'.

'The Judges' Favourite' will be decided on by the judges at Bet Tuppi Press (we especially like originality and good use of the source material)

Both stories will be published on our website.

Head on over to our Reddit page to take part. 


The Challenge: For this competition we want you to write a story based on cylinder seals!

Here is an image of a cylinder seal:

Cylinder seals were used as a way of authenticating receipts, as a kind of signature on clay envelopes, or as personal adornment.

Deadline is 22nd August 2021

N.B. A larger competition with big prizes will be landing toward the end of this year - watch this space!

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