Tuesday, 29 June 2021

The Untamed Squeee Post

The hair... oh my GOD, the hair.

I've just finished the final episode of The Untamed, and this is an unbridled squee post of pure joy. It was absolutely brilliant. I have to admit, I really don't know what to do with my life now. Going to miss this a lot. Is there a support network, rehab centre or something? Sure, it was fifty hours long, but it could have done with another twenty or so.

Just so much fun.

Kind of crap that they had to censor it because of repressive government stuff, which is undeniably ridiculous in this day and age, but the actors were amazing and did such a good job of getting the emotion across (or, like, no emotion at all in Yibo's case).

It's currently trending at nine stars on IMDB, which is really good going, and totally deserved. I think at least five of those stars are entirely for hair...

So, this is just a fun post bowing down to all the silly shit on YouTube and the wonderful fan art. 

It's currently showing on Netflix at the moment, but if you don't have that, the whole thing is also on YouTube. Just be advised that the first couple of hours are pretty confusing and you won't understand what's going on until much later. Just let the first few episodes wash over you. Once they reach Cloud Recesses it'll all start to fall into place.

So, on with the show. I'm loving the fan mashups. Example below. Best example ever at 5:00.

Thinking this should probably be the new official trailer:

More silly fun here and here (and no, I don't think Jiang Cheng is pissed off at him for being gay either, it's all the (many) other things, but it is still funny - the recorder music cracks me up every time).

On to sumptuous fan art. Almost all of these were on Pinterest and if you right-click using Chrome you can image search them to find original sources.



Sadly, not enough of the Ghost General and Lady Wen. More needed!

Also, we must not forget to worship the Tortoise of Slaughter...

The coolest contacts ever known to man...

And, just, being a boss...

Totally and completely loved this series. Up there with Hotel del Luna. I watch a lot of Korean series, but this was my first C-drama (Chinese drama). My friend says I need to watch Word of Honour next, but I'm taking a moment. I really am going to miss these guys. 

Desperate to get the novel on Audible, but there's no English version yet. The moment that comes out, I'm all in. 

Boooo to censorship! But yay, so much yay, for making this! 

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