Tuesday 26 June 2018

Horrible Dilemma

I've mentioned before how much I love the work of artist Ray Caesar. Even spotted him on a book cover in Kigali. Back in 2016, I discovered a collection of his work on eBay. It was a stretch of the budget, but I couldn't resist. It's only now, in 2018, that I've returned to the UK and found it waiting for me in a very, very large pile of mail. 

The dilemma?

It's shrink-wrapped, in mint condition.

Yet, awaiting me inside is a whole melted chocolate lava lake of eye sex. 

But, it's shrink-wrapped, in mint condition.

But, art to make the heart weep.

But, shrink-wrapped. Mint.

A friend suggested buying another copy so that I could keep one and open the other. I went to look for another copy and found a single one - for $395!

Let's just say, that's gone up in value - a lot.

For a second, I smiled. Then I groaned. Had there been a hundred selling for a tenner, I would have sunk my teeth into that plastic wrapper and torn it off, but knowing it's increased substantially in value makes the decision even harder.

Maybe re-wrapping it in crepe paper with a finger-print smiley face would add to the value, too?

I mean, what would you do?


I think I will probably open it. I just need time to come to terms with this decision.

For now, I'll sit and stare at the cover - and imagine.


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