Thursday 17 November 2016


Raising my eyes for two minutes from the landslide of proofreading I'm buried beneath, in order to deliver an update on the kittens.

These little bundles of joy and destruction just turned two months old, and had their first round of jabs this morning. They were so good about it. Vaccines and worming tablets all taken without complaint. In fact, the vet couldn't listen to their hearts because they were purring so much.

So proud of them. On the proudometer it's seconded only by the day the littlest boy managed to control his own body temperature and began living outside my bra.

They have blossomed from tiny creatures that required syringe feeding and wobbled when they walked, into energetic balls of doom, tearing around the house and garden. My legs are covered in scratches where the largest boy keeps climbing them. I've even forgiven him accidentally clawing open the extremely sensitive, barely healed burn tissue on my arm. What a day of expletives that was!

They also poo everywhere. I mean, they are pooing machines. There is poo in the litter box, poo behind the fridge, poo in my shoes. One day, after cleaned up all of the poo in their room, I threw open the windows, but still thought I could smell something. I searched everywhere.

Then I opened the cupboard.

A mountain of poo.

The great wall of poo.

The apoocalypse.


And they're growing, which means the poo is getting bigger.

Anyway. They did really well today, and they've each got their official vaccine booklet. It's just sad that my name and address aren't down as the owner. All of this is in the hope of rehoming them in the near future. 

The vet was so taken by them, she said she might take two up to Musanze with her. This would be lovely. I'm very keen to home them in pairs. After losing their mum, I think it would be a bit cruel for them to lose each other. Especially as they enjoy playing so much.

Half of me really wants my house back, the other half knows I'll be crushed when they leave. 

But we still have a few more days of kitty cuddles to go.

So hard to tell whether sitting or shitting...

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