Saturday 27 August 2016

Angel Uwamahoro

In my spare time, I've been trying to put together a little writing community in Kigali. Using social media to connect and share info. You can find it here: Twitter, Facebook Page, Facebook Community Group.

I've just finished an interview with poet Angel Uwamahoro for the website.

It was such a pleasure to interview her. She's extremely talented.

Hoping that through this small community I might start finding other writers in Rwanda to help build the Creative Kigali project. There's a very small publishing industry starting to take form, but one of their big problems is finding work to publish. Loads of literacy courses for children, but I'm hoping to inspire a few adults with this in September. If you live in Kigali, please help by printing off one of these flyers. Cut between the lines and pop it up somewhere people might find it. Thanks!

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