Saturday 25 June 2016

Psycho Physio

Not doing well on the writing recovery front.

Started physio on Thursday. After burning my hand last month, the new skin is growing back really well, but it's extremely stiff. At the moment I can't make a full fist, and the tips of my fingers are too sensitive to touch things. The physio reckoned that I should be able to type again after three to five sessions.

Then yesterday happened. 

I'd felt a real improvement after the first session, so I was looking forward to round two. This is a physio with six years' experience, working for Rwanda's national Association of Physiotherapists, at Kigali University's College of Medical Sciences. I truly believed he knew what he was doing. 

I don't know whether he was distracted by our discussion on the EU referendum or what, but after my hour was up, I turned my hand over to find giant red blisters on my fingers. The tip of my ring finger looked like a strawberry!

After an entire week without bandages, I had to go to the polyclinic to get my fingers wrapped up again. It was hugely distressing, and the cheeky bugger even charged me for the session! FRW 5,000 for the physio then 26,000 to the hospital to treat the damage afterwards.

Not at all impressed. 

Gutting, as I was expecting to be typing again by the end of next week. Reckon it's going to take a bit longer.

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