Saturday, 9 April 2016

Tea and Cake

Lovely post on #FolkloreThursday this week by @thehopeandglory all about the traditions associated with tea and cake, such as:

Tea can be used to predict strangers - If a single stalk floats on top of a cup of tea, it means that a stranger is coming - a hard, woody stalk indicates a male visitor and a soft stalk, a female. The length of the stalk tells you whether he or she will be tall or short. To find out when they will come, lay the stalk on the back of the left hand and hit it with the right. However many hits it takes to knock it off tells the number of days before they will stand at your door.

The site has very small text, but you should be able to zoom in with ctrl & +.

If you know of any other traditions, do leave a comment below.

And if you're looking for excitement with your beverage, check out Emma Newman's Tea & Jeopardy podcast.

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