Friday, 14 August 2015


Each Friday there's a Twitter tag #FridayReads where people share their recommendations. This Friday I've splashed out in anticipation of my forthcoming UK holiday. When not writing, I intend to be reading. This is what I've added to my TBR list today.

How to be Both by Ali Smith

Not entirely sure about the retro cover, but hooked by the premise. Tripped across it browsing the Cheltenham Literature Festival line-up this year. I was also a fan of the FF style of multi-adventure books. Sounds like fun and I'm always extremely interested in authors who have discovered a fresh way of telling tales - something a little out of the ordinary. I'm currently on Cloud Atlas. When a review states 'requires a lot of effort on the part of the reader,' I'm there. Bored to tits of easy reading.

This is a must read for me. I once spent a weird week in Wales on a writing retreat with Sarah. She's a lovely lady, and it's fantastic to see her doing so well. I knew this was out, but just saw she's talking about it at Cheltenham alongside author Claire Fuller. So get down there and support her on Friday 9th October 2015 if you can. You can also find her on Twitter. I'm extremely interested to read her debut novel as I know she's been working on it for a while.

H. P. Lovecraft Complete Collection

Um... yeah. Not even sure how to explain myself here. My publisher keeps releasing Lovecraftian anthologies, and I'm feeling left out as I can't contribute, never having read any. So, here goes. Pastiche primer ahoy. All I know about Lovecraft is his possible influence on Scientology. This is a really thick volume, so it might take me some time. Who knows, this might be the start of a beautiful thing. Or the end of everything.

Nothing if not eclectic. But it will take some time to get around to all of this. I've been reading the same book now for two months due to exhausting work commitments. I'm lucky if I can finish a short chapter a night before falling asleep. I'm hoping that once back in the UK I can throw myself into editing, writing and reading at least until the new year.

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