Saturday 22 November 2014

The Militant Recommender

Got our first blog review for Rosy Hours on The Militant Recommender (AKA cartoonist Stephanie Piro):

Ms. Woolley wholly succeeds in bringing this mysterious world of the Phantom's past to vivid, magical life... Don't miss this fascinating trip into his past and that of a minor character in Leroux's classic who finally has her starring role.

Comment below:

It is very evocative.The author has created a beautifully realized world. As you read the past unfolds and you go from reader to silent witness.

How lovely that Stephanie has taken the time to blog about this and has enjoyed it so much. And what an excellent blog for booklovers. 

I completely love the fact she's picked some music she feels evokes the mood of the book. I'm rocking out to that at the moment.

Don't forget you can enter to win a signed copy of Rosy Hours on Goodreads, and read more about me in December's issue of Writing Magazine (out now!).

How cool is this!?

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