Sunday 30 December 2012

Beautiful Book Art

Not sure where the above came from. It was doing the rounds on Facebook.

There are a few absolutely stunning artists working with books and paper. Perhaps the best known is Brian Dettmer, who uses surgical equipment to sculpt incredible pieces of art from old encyclopedias, one page at a time

There's also Marc Hagan-Guirey, who was featured on the BBC last Halloween, making entire haunted house scenes out of a single sheet of paper.

iAuthor has dedicated a Pinterest board to fantastical works of bookish art, including this one carved from ice.

As sheer coincidence would have it, shortly after starting this blog, I Googled to see whether anybody else was using the same name. Turns out there's a Deckle Edged website, and it's run by a book sculptor! Some gorgeous stuff on there.

Feast your face with eye candy!

[UPDATE 2019 - that website seems to have disappeared.]

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