Thursday, 5 November 2020

Scoby or not Scoby, That is the Kombucha


I have just become a proud scoby momma. 

No, I didn't know what that was until earlier today, either.

Went for lunch with my lovely friend Gerry, and she gifted me a scoby, which is a round, rubbery disk of yeast and bacteria that you pop in a jar of strong, sweet tea. It gradually transforms the tea into a carbonated probiotic drink called kombucha. Rather amazing. More on that here.

It's quite entertaining, but also feels like a huge responsibility. I went out for pizza and came home with this whole other life form to care for. If you leave it too long it turns into vinegar, so you have to keep feeding it. Still, not as bad as the time I went out for Kinyarwanda lessons and came back with four cats.

In the same day, I also bought a yoga mat and I'm considering buying kimchi jars tomorrow. It's also been nine months since I had a cigarette... is this a weird symptom of nicotine withdrawal that nobody tells you about? 

I turn forty in a couple of months. Apparently my mid-life crisis is 'hipster.' Who knew?

Anyway, I've settled the little scoby into its new home, which is only marginally larger than its old home. Hopefully it will be okay in there until I can buy more suitable containers. I'm quite excited to see what happens. 


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