Thursday 7 February 2019

Still Life at 90

An old print by Fox Talbot of the original Hungerford Bridge, c. 1845. Something that featured prominently in my novel.

Which is now at 90,000 words. 

I estimate I have about four more chapters to go. 

Then there will be a huge amount of re-writing and fact checking. 

Nice to have a new, completed novel so early in the year. 

Uncharacteristically, not that much to say at the moment. By this stage it always feels like one of those fold-over games where someone draws the head, folds the paper, someone draws the neck, folds the paper, etc. By the end of a novel, you mostly forget what happened at the beginning and where it went in the middle. Once the last line is written, you can put it down for a few days, do something else, then unfold the paper and look at the completed picture. 

For now, four more chapters...

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