Thursday, 1 November 2018

Girls & Boys

Whilst on my travels, I downloaded a copy of Girls & Boys, a play by Dennis Kelly, performed by Carey Mulligan. 

When they met at an airport, it was love at first sight. But in time, everything collapsed. As an unnamed but unforgettable woman muses on her life—from meet cute to marriage and parenthood—her recollections inexorably build to a devastating truth. In this shattering performance, Carey Mulligan, star of the critically lauded drama An Education, captivates audiences with playwright Dennis Kelly’s harrowing ruminations on family, ambition, gender, and violence. An acclaimed Off-Broadway play, the gut-wrenching world of Girls & Boys now thrives as an Audible Theater production.

It's an extremely well-written and well-performed play unpacking gender-based violence and its consequences. It's peppered with disarming, dark humour. The way it's delivered really draws you in and you're listening so closely, you don't see what's coming.

It's available on Audible, and there's an interview with Dennis Kelly afterwards which is a nice added extra. Highly recommend it.

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