Monday 1 October 2018

The Tangled Forest

Hello everyone.

Announcing this fine book for sale in paperback and e-format.

The trees whisper stories in the deep, dark woods.

This is the retelling of three ancient fairy tales by the women who lived them. Stories that at first seem unrelated become twisted together like the branches above.

One night, a little boy appears at the window of a girl’s cottage. Birthed by rain and thunder, he is motherless and hungry. Their friendship will lead them deep into the woods, where years later a girl draped in donkey skin will beg for their protection. Two sisters, a bear, and a man of undetermined height form the link in this chain, as they journey between the mountain’s legs to a castle far, far away.

From the witch and the wolf to the king and his courtiers, no one leaves the tangled forest unchanged.

It's a retelling of three fairy tales: 

  • Wolfish - Red Riding Hood
  • Red & White - Snow-White & Rose-Red
  • Skin - Donkeyskin

The first, Wolfish, was originally a novella. It was longlisted for the Leapfrog Press Award last year and picked up by Ghostwoods, who published Rosy Hours. They asked for two more stories to turn it into a collection, then hit some problems and had to drop the project. I put it out on submission and received some lovely responses, but no one who would take a novella or a short story collection, so I decided to use the manuscript to take my first shot at self-publishing.

I've really enjoyed having full creative control over layout and cover art. The cover was designed by Victoria Cooper, who is very talented. I'm really pleased with it and I can assure you, it looks sumptuous in print.

So, I hope you will enjoy reading.

It's a project that was done for pleasure rather than prowess. All the same, it's the first new work I've released in three years and I appreciate reviews, ratings and getting the word out. 

It's available through Amazon in all territories, but here's the UK/US paperback link and the UK/US Kindle link. If you purchase the paperback, you get the Kindle version for around 99c.

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