Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Constant Editor

Had a lovely day editing in the CasaKeza garden with cheesecake and too much coffee. Then came home to continue, but ended up sitting through a four-hour blackout. Thank goodness for Paperwhite's screen lighting. Reading a stunning book at the moment. Looking forward to posting the review soon.

These are the three novellas: Wolfish, Red & White and Skin.

"Just one copy?" I said to the guy at Right Click as I waited for it to print out.

"Yes. It's almost four hundred pages."


Going to take me a few days to get through this, in between editing jobs for other people (one of which I get paid in cat food for, so it's a top priority for the kitties). I think I probably am going back to finish off Still Life after this. Then on to something slightly different. Feels good to be creating again.

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