Sunday, 12 February 2017

ABC's of Rwanda

Had a really lovely few days. Met up for a quick interview with a lady called Zeddy Kosgei, who is a fellow at aKoma, an African media platform founded by former CNN presenter Zain Verjee. We had such a lovely time chatting about writing, books and films that Zeddy agreed to postpone her return to Nairobi and stay an extra day to attend ImagineWe's book signing. 

ImagineWe are a fantastic group of young writers and publishers in Rwanda. They launched their first book, Oh, Rwandan Child! last year. They work alongside Inkstain, a talented illustration company.

Nicky, the head of ImagineWe and author of the book came to do a reading at my favourite bar, CasaKeza, where I also met up with the lovely Arnold Kwizera, who was on the panel of a documentary about Rwanda's reading culture the other week. 

It was a delightfully bookish night. Zeddy did a really nice write-up of it on the Akoma website, with much better photographs.

Beautiful Moon over Kigali

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