Monday 4 August 2014

Tell it Like Gandalf

In my other life as a charity consultant, I rarely have cause to mix the literal and the literary, so I was fairly entertained when I saw this article about the importance of telling a good story when marketing a charity: The storytelling secrets charities can learn from Gandalf

Talk to any charity fundraising or communications professional about what's needed to engage with supporters online and they'll say "good content". But what exactly is "good content"? 
Good content is about storytelling. Storytelling is not exactly new - people have been telling stories since time began, passing them down from generation to generation. However, about 70 years ago this process changed. Television altered the way stories were delivered - instead of people taking an active role in storytelling, they became passive consumers.

Interesting observation, though I agree with the conclusion that blogging, e-publishing and YouTube have given storytellers back what television may have taken away. Rather democratised the process, one might be so bold in saying?

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