Saturday, 28 September 2013

Reading the World

This is a nice concept:

Ann Morgan came to my attention in 2011 when she sent out a request to readers worldwide for suggestions for books to read in translation. A Cambridge University graduate in English literature, and now a writer and editor, Morgan had set herself the challenge to spend one year reading a book from each of the globe’s 196 independent countries. The idea came about when she realized that even though she had always considered herself a fairly cosmopolitan person, most of her bookshelves were filled with works by UK and US authors.

In January 2012 Morgan set up a blog, A Year of Reading the World, and, at a pace of four to five books a week, began reading, in translation, fiction, and occasionally memoirs, from countries around the world. With help from readers spread across the globe, far-reaching research and countless emails, Morgan met her challenge and got a book deal to boot. Harvill Secker will publish her book, Reading the World: Postcards from my Bookshelf, in 2015...

Makes me feel woefully under-read, although I do have two translations currently on my reading list. The time, though - where did she find the time?

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