Sunday, 25 November 2012

Time - Yours and Mine

The hart he loves the high wood.
The hare, she loves the hill.
The knight he loves his bright sword
And the lady loves her will.
- Words & Picture by Jackie Morris  

Here is a poem inspired by a moonlit drive home from a friend's house. A hare hopped into the middle of the road. It looked at me, I looked at it.

Creation, a mystery, pure and true
All I am, I give to you
Forged of clay
On a starlit night
Black as oak
Snowdrop white
Against the moon we laughed,
We played
We sang, we danced
As in a daze

Those hours were ours
Yours and mine
Wheat and barley
Buck and hind

Youth, a gift, come and gone
All I was, I’ll tell in song
A melody
One summer’s eve
Bright as laughter
Cold as grief
Against the sky, we kissed,
We loved
We touched, we felt
We understood

That love was ours
Yours and mine
Seed and berry
Honey, wine

Age, a curse, old and new
Something borrowed, something blue
Winter frost
Silent dawn
Smiles fade
Faces drawn
Night as dark
Black as white
Rage against
The fading light

This life is ours,
Yours and mine
Summer skies
Rain and shine

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