Sunday 3 June 2012

Tim Minchin

Had a fantastic day today.

Headed to Malvern Theatre to see one of my all-time favourite performers, Tim Minchin.

He was playing there as part of the piano festival, and there was the sexiest red piano in the foyer, a Yamaha Elton John special edition. It even played itself! Oh, dear gods, it was beautiful.

The gig itself was unbelievable. The Cont song was pure genius, complimented by all the greats: Prejudice, Dark Side and the Boob Song (Confessions).

Full standing ovation - the whole building was rocking with stamping feet and clapping. Wonderfully deserved. Ended on a very calm encore called Beauty

It took a while to realise it wasn't a punchline song. Sort of hypnotic. Perfect song to stem a repeat encore, because it left everyone thoughtful. Sort of sad, a little. "As you fell for her, she stole from you." Hmm. 

Totally excellent day.

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