Sunday 19 February 2012

Hanging the Star


Went to see my cousin, Alx, launch her debut album as Hanging the Star at Bush Hall, London, the other day. 

My dad's side of the family, who are ridiculously musical. Alx was at The Royal School of Music with my old Cardiff drinking buddy Gareth, who is a gifted composer. Her brother, my cousin Jimmy, now tours with Bad Ass Brass. When he isn't jetting around the world as a sesh musician, he's hanging out at places like Ronnie Scott's.

Meanwhile, I can just about manage Three Blind Mice on the tin whistle.

Alx has done some incredible work, including a cover of Tori Amos's Northern Lad, and Cigarette Song, which she recorded on Coldplay's piano!

Also, check out Kristy Clark, an Aussie singer who turned up to play a session. I especially love Dots and Dashes.

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