Sunday 9 August 2015

Writing Jouissance

Earlier this year I was reading a story collection and one story in particular really stood out. I loved the writer's style, so looked her up. Turns out she's both an erotica writer and a lecturer on the subject. That means she not only knows how to talk dirty, but can teach you to do it too, then rank you F to A* on effort.

Having read one of her novels and a couple of short stories, my appreciation of Remittance Girl's writing has simply grown. Swelled. Engorged.

Okay, stop it.

Most writers write sex at some point. In the case of the Bad Sex Awards, some don't always get it right. But erotica is a genre unto itself, with numerous subgenres. As with any approach, getting it right takes study and skill.

I just wanted to share RG's recent address at Eroticon 2015 (love their motto: Write Sex Right). It's best to download her slide presentation alongside the podcast, so you can follow.

I love people who challenge me to think. This talk is particularly stimulating - ahem. RG has a special gift for sexual inventiveness in literature, and for subtle subversion. I hadn't realised just how powerful erotica can be at pushing you out of your comfort zone, shattering the fourth wall and coaxing out your dirty little freak. I wouldn't question in life that sex is the fastest route to the core, so I don't know why it should surprise me in literary form. Raw, emotional, messy - all the best books are.

It's more important to stop and question yourself even if you don't find an answer. - Remittance Girl (twitter)

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