Monday 9 September 2013


Hmm, thought I'd already made a post about these guys. Guess not.

Celtx. If you don't know the name, get ready to make a happy face. I haven't downloaded the latest version for a while, but they made their name as a freeware version of Final Draft. £200 versus... uh, nothing.

Full pre-production suite for film scripting: formatting, prop lists, storyboarding. Really good stuff. Excellent place to start if you've always fancied trying your hand at scriptwriting, but not enough to fork out a large amount of cash.

I think they've made some major advances to do with apps and online workspaces since I last logged in, but you can find out all about what they have to offer on their website. There's also a community forum, or ask a question at Ask Celtx. If you prefer social media, check them out on Facebook and Twitter: @Celtx

Best of all, they run an annual competition called Celtx Seeds where they offer substantial start-up capital to budding amateur filmmakers. Not just helping you get your ideas down on paper, but supporting you in producing them.

What's not to like?

Happy scripting.

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