Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Mystery of Gordon Bottomley

It's been a while since we had a literary related post on this literary themed blog of mine. 

So, today I'd like to share with you a story of ancient landscapes and dead authors. Well, only one dead author actually: Gordon Bottomley.

A lifelong tuberculosis sufferer (interesting Angorichina connection there), nobody appeared to be quite sure where he was buried, until a chance photograph I took a couple of months back. Intrigued that somebody would have the name of their book inscribed on their headstone, I set about trying to source a copy. 

The fact that I couldn't surprised me almost as much as realising that we shared the same birthday!

For the full, intriguing story, read my travel post: Dundurn - The Final Chapter.

See also my appraisal of Gordon Bottomley's plays and Ardvorlich's Wife.

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