Monday 31 December 2012

Oath, Boast, Toast 2013

Well, I can delay no longer. I'm not a big fan of New Years' resolutions, but I shall charge my drinking horn to a good ol' heathen oath, boast and toast.


I'm going for something modest this year, in the hopes of achieving it. Preferably within the first six months of this year, I will finish writing my fantasy novel. It's currently at 45,000 words, 165 pages, and it's the most fun I've had writing in a long time. I've kept putting it off because I feel as though I should be writing something more 'contemporary,' 'historical' or 'literary.' But, sod it, I just want to write about elves. So, this year, I'm going to stop using the things I think I should be doing as an excuse for not enjoying the things I actually want to be doing. Fantasy novel, ahoy!



I have officially done a book signing at Watersones this year. Come on guys, that's fairly wicked awesome! 



I'd like to raise a glass to my wonderful friend Martine, who recently jacked in her job to go off around the world - first to her acushla in Ireland, then on to her daughter in Australia, and finally off to Vietnam, a place she's always wanted to visit. Martine is one of the bedrocks of my being, and watching her die a death in a job that bored her stupid was horrid. So, firstly, well done lady for finding the courage. Have the time of your life! And here's to the spirit of adventure - may it rub off on the rest of us.



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  1. Just had this wonderful tweetasation:

    @WriteOnNZ 2013, I am in you!

    @AuthorMGW What's it like, oh future time traveller?

    @WriteOnNZ 2013 has been great so far! No bills in the mail. No weird phone calls. No illness.

    @AuthorMGW So the world did end? :oO

    @WriteOnNZ if it did, Heaven has wifi