"I have never before read a book that has been beautiful and disturbing in equal measures."

Lucid is actually the first novel I ever wrote, just to see whether I could.

It was shortlisted for the Luke Bitmead Bursary for New Writers in 2009, which spurred me on to write Angorichina. Although Lucid was the first novel I wrote, it was the second to be published, this time by Netherworld Books in 2012. This led to quite a nice article.

In 1968, Adrian Roy brutally murdered his young niece, Elspeth. In an act of unspeakable cruelty, he dosed her with LSD beforehand. Her body died, but something in the entheogenic drug propelled her soul into the land of sleep. She became a dream.
Meanwhile, in modern-day Cardiff, Oliver Ryan is unable to get a girlfriend. At the age of thirty-two he is still wetting the bed. Every few weeks he receives a visitation whilst his body is held prisoner by sleep paralysis. These nightmares mean that, for Ollie, his dreams are more real than his waking life.
Whilst asleep, he meets a woman in The Church of Shattered Hopes where everybody cries blood. On waking, he thinks no more about it. Until he meets her again…and again…
Just as we sleep each night and wake in Dream, dreams can wake in our world too. With the help of his cousin, Jen, the Welsh Shaman Eirian, and Amanda, an academic with an intelligent laugh, it is time to find Adrian Roy and enact a fitting revenge.

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