Splintered Door

"This eclectic collection took me on a twisted journey of sweetness and heartbreak, through worlds that were both beautiful and bizarre. I was captivated."

Splintered Door is an experimental collection of short stories, published under my own indie label, Vapid Press, in 2012.

The un-a-Musing, anti-inspirational, tangled, twisted and possibly tragic regurgitation of a recovering mind.

One author's battle against block, involving murderous moths, a fatal and heartfelt plague, one of those transfer tattoos you used to be able to buy down the Post Office, and a kid who fell into a quarry.

This debut collection of short stories by Marion Grace Woolley will leave you scratching your head and wondering what just happened.

"At times, haunting. At times, bizarre. I don't know what to make of this." - A. Reader.

"Enchanting. I think." - B. Wildered.  

You can find it on Kindle and Smashwords. Gorgeous cover art by Raven Feather Photography.

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